• Sam Gaines

Why Woman Needs Man

Woman needs man, just like man needs woman. Men and women are god’s spirit in physical form, but they are split in half. One is man and the other is woman. That means they are incomplete. They are not complete until their spirits come together through the state of love. This love gives humankind great power. Less than altruistic forces that have ruled the earth have made sure that this happens as little as possible. If we are in a state of love, we cannot be ruled by fear.

Fear is what keeps us in a controlled state. If we are afraid, we cannot love. Fear is taking, holding, owning, possessing, wanting, whereas love is giving.

Woman is the prize of existence. She is the most beautiful creature on earth. She has the ability to create life. Man has the ability to protect life. If he abuses his superior physical power over woman and keeps her afraid for selfish gain, she remains in a fearful state. She cannot love if she is afraid. This is the state of the world today.

Woman in this physical reality is more vulnerable than man. That means she is more dictated by fear compared to man. It is man’s responsibility to love and protect her so that her fear diminishes. The love of a man allows her to soften and to love without fear. Women who have not received this love from a man are hardened, afraid, guarded, and unable to love fully. Unfortunately in recent times women have been brainwashed to think receiving this love from a man as being weak. This shows you how perverted our society’s current state of affairs is.

Women know instinctually it is natural for them to be in a soft and loving state, but they don’t know how to get there. They are told by false pop-culture gurus to “love themselves” which is code for “accept your current shitty state of being and don’t question it.” Unfortunately, I see women all the time eat up this horribly damaging advice. The social engineers know it works. Despite how much pop-culture tries to tell us otherwise, this is something that a woman cannot do on her own, no matter how hard she tries.

Man is made to protect and love woman. Just look at the way he is made. If he has been given the strengths to do so, then he must. This is why men are naturally drawn to protecting women. It is part of their instinct. It gives them a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment. Women cannot protect themselves on their own without seriously compromising the expression of their female essence. It is like a flower who thinks they can live without sunlight. How can it blossom? It can’t. You can see the ones who tried. They have all failed miserably.