• Sam Gaines

What I Do as a Professional Male Companion

Many people have common perceptions about what a male companion does. Many women think (and rightly so) that an experience with a male companion is not really sincere or real. This is unfortunately often the case, which is due to the kind of personality that is attracted to this profession. This is the kind of personality that is usually charismatic, but lacks any emotional sincerity and depth. They are comfortable being an actor.

I am not.

With me you are getting a completely sincere man. That is something I was born with. Whether I am spending a day in bed with you, or tying you up in your BDSM fantasy, I am always the same person. I am committed to you with your best interest at heart. That can only come from who I am as a person. That is at the foundation of what I do with you.

I consider any client a person and friend, first and foremost. I don’t like impersonal relationships. We are all human. For that reason, I often remain friends with many of my former clients.

Before meeting, I always like to have a phone or video call so we can get to know each other. When we meet, I would normally suggest at least a few hours or a full day so we won't feel rushed. Think about what you desire and don’t worry about sharing your most intimate thoughts with me. This way you can have the most fulfilling experience possible with me. I understand everyone’s life circumstance is different. I look forward to getting to know you.

As a disclaimer, I am for women only. Time with me is exclusive and discreet. All compensation is based on time only. All information and requests are private and never shared with anyone.