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The Sexually Obsessed Man

Sexual obsession is the downfall of man. His sexual obsession acts as a blockage to his ability to love woman. This is unfortunate because it is man’s duty to protect love, which is woman. He can only do this by loving her. He cannot do this if he is sexually obsessed. His own lusts act as a conflict of interest. That is because lust is a taking energy. Love is a giving energy. This is why women are so turned off by a man who is too self-centred. He only wants to take from her. This makes her guarded. She cannot open up to him.

He lacks the virtue that he is supposed to possess. When a woman sees a man who protects love, which is woman and all that she represents as god’s spirit in female form, she is open to him. Women are designed to receive the love of man, physically and energetically. Woman is god’s spirit in female form. So if a man defiles a woman, he is by definition defiling god. If he loves woman, then he loves god. You do not need to go to a church or be part of a religion to love god. It is all around us. The woman is my church, and I love her.

And if I love her, I have to get rid of any barriers that prevent me from loving her. These barriers are the selfish, egotistical state that controls us. The ego does not want to love others, it only wants to take. Although in reality it only controls us through bluffing. Our spirit holds the real power, not our ego. To remove this egotistical barrier, we have to confront it. We have to expose it. This is not a straightforward process because the ego possesses us all in very subversive ways. It is not easy to detect. It likes to hide. When man exposes it within himself, he is able to rid himself of its control.

When man loves woman fully, her own self-centred fears diminish. Her anxiety diminishes. She is able to love more. She is able to love him back. This allows the blossoming of the female in a woman. There is indescribable beauty in a woman, and this love of her brings it out.

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