• Sam Gaines

The Orgasmic Woman

A woman’s natural state is orgasmic.

Her whole body is an erogenous zone. A kiss the back of her neck, a nibble on an ear lobe, a touch on her inner thigh … can all bring her to heightened states of pleasure.

To me, a woman is sex personified. I love the challenge of finding those orgasmic triggers.

Yes, women are sexual objects of male desire. That is true by nature.

And in nature, a woman needs a man to turn her on. What he does from there is up to him. Can he open her up, while making her feel safe and protected?

In that environment, she may find herself willingly give up control to a dominant man knowing that she can allow herself to relax and fully give in to the pleasure. Her giving her body to him can lead to her ultimate release. Anything less is not realizing full sexual potential.

How close are you to your natural state? What touches trigger ecstasy? And what are you going to do today to become more orgasmic?