• Sam Gaines

The Emotional Woman

What happens when woman is not loved? She becomes emotional. She becomes moody. When she thinks she cannot receive love, she may look for attention instead. She may sexualize herself to feel wanted. She only attracts men who want things from her. These kinds of men cannot love her. Their own self-interests inhibit their ability to love her. This makes her protect herself. She becomes guarded. This can lead her to shutting down. She can do this for some time, until she realizes she can’t anymore. She realizes she is not experiencing love from a man and she is not receiving nourishment. She feels incomplete. She knows something is missing. Without the love from a man, she will not be able to blossom. It is like a flower with only dirt and water. The man is the sunshine. But the wrong man will burn her. The right man will nourish her.

Those of us who live in the past will become emotional. Being present does not make one emotional. Our emotions make us think of the past. When we are being love, and being loved, we are brought into the present. Our emotions go away. We do not think about the past. The past experiences that make us emotional dissipate when we are in a present, loving state. This is how love heals all wounds.