• Sam Gaines

Love vs Sex

Love and sex are often confused. The sexual desires we have often prevent us from truly making love. This leads most of us to never actually experience what it is like to make love.

To know what love is, we first need to know what love is not. Sex is wanting. It is about getting something. It has an end. It wants an orgasm. It wants excitement. It wants a fantasy. When a woman feels like she cannot get love, or is not deserving of love, she makes a compromise. She settles for sex. She knows subconsciously the man wants something from her. He is not loving her. This makes her hold back. She does not let herself go in the moment. In one way or another, it disturbs her emotionally, whether she is conscious about it or not.

Making love to a woman has no goal. It has no end. You may stop the lovemaking, but the love is still there. It doesn’t go away. It does not want an orgasm. It does not want excitement. It just wants to experience the delight knowing the woman is loved. It has an innocence to it. It is pure. It is not perverted by ulterior motives.

When a woman knows she is being loved, she can open herself emotionally and physically. She softens. Man is like the sun. He has great power but he must not burn her. Woman is like the earth. When a man loves a woman rightly, she is like a flower blooming in the sun. This is the way it is meant to be.

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