• Sam Gaines

How to Manage a Long-Distance Relationship

A long-distance relationship may be one where you don’t see your love interest for an extended period of time. This can be due to various circumstances like work schedule and family commitments. Here are some ways to stay close and connected:

1. Keep close communication.

Be available to reach out and talk frequently. Be quick to reply and be there for the other person. This is especially important with a long-distance relationship, as any kind of added distance, like waiting a long time for a reply, makes you feel less connected.

2. Be consistent.

Get into a habit of talking when you are both free. If for some reason you can’t talk, it is common courtesy to let the person know you will be busy and what it is you are doing. This keeps your partner from having doubts or wondering where they stand with you if there is a break in normal communication.

3. Follow through with what you said.

There is a greater degree of trust involved in long-distance relationships. We need to follow through with promises we make, otherwise it will seriously damage any trust and respect in the relationship.

4. Surprise each other.

This is really important because after a while there may be monotony and lack of excitement due to long periods of time apart. This spontaneity can put a big smile on someone’s face. A picture, video or postcard can be a very thoughtful gesture to somebody who cares about you.

5. Take time to see each other.

This is the most important point on this list. Make sure you see each other! Make it a priority to see your special someone. Time apart can make time spent together that much more special, especially if you maintained a solid relationship while away.