• Sam Gaines

5 Things Women May Discover About a Male Companion

  1. New Excitement When hiring a male companion, most women find that it adds a spark of excitement to their life that they can’t find elsewhere. If they find the right man to fulfill their desires and fantasies, they might feel like they’ve been missing out their whole lives.

  2. Real Connection Intimacy, strength and connection are things all women want in a man. These can be very hard to find but women often discover you can find them with the right male companion. Can you be open and vulnerable with him? Can you feel protected with him? Do you feel that he understands you when nobody else does?

  3. Physical Attraction This is something that is hard to come by: A man that makes your blood start flowing the moment you first look at him. This is something purely primal that nothing can compare with – it is raw physical attraction. With the right male companion, you will know because you will be drawn to him energetically.

  4. Mental Attraction To feel connected, you need to be on the same wavelength mentally. It is attractive to find a male companion who is intelligent and can understand various concepts and principles – a man who is worldly and experienced, not a momma’s boy.

  5. Help Through A Tough Time It can be incredibly helpful to have a caring man to talk to and be intimate with, someone who may also be able to offer practical advice. You will know quickly just from talking to your male companion if he is a smart, sensitive, caring person. These are traits not everyone possesses and will require discernment on the part of the woman. I strongly recommend you always follow your gut instinct. If something feels off about a person, it most likely is. If things feel comfortable, like you have known the person for a long time, then it will be easier to open up to that person and share yourself. This can be very therapeutic.